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PT Kelola Mina Laut


Jl. KIG Raya Selatan Kav. C-5, Kawasan Industri Gresik, Gresik 61121 - Indonesia

Telp. +6231 3976351-3  |  Fax. +6231 3976350

Email :




PT Marindo Makmur Usaha Jaya, Sidoarjo - East Java (Seafood Processing)

PT Cemerlang Laut Ambon, Ambon - Maluku (Seafood Processing)

PT Maluku Prima Makmur, Ambon - Maluku (Seafood Processing)

PT Starfood International, Lamongan - East Java (Surimi and Seafood Processing)

PT Bintang Karya Laut, Rembang - Central Java (Surimi and Seafood Processing)

PT Kelola Mina Makmur, Rembang - Central Java (Fishing and Collecting Boat)

PT Indomina Cipta Agung, Semarang - Central Java (Surimi Based Product)

PT KML Ichimas Foods, Bogor - West Java (Surimi Based Product)

PT Mitratani Dua Tujuh, Jember - East Java (Vegetable Processing)

PT Kenkyo Foods Tech Industry, Semarang - Central Java (Vegetable Processing)

PT Galih Estetika Indonesia, Kuningan - West Java (Vegetable Processing)

PT Kelola Boga Nasional, Semarang - Central Java (Vegetable Processing)

PT Nusapangan Sukses Makmur, Tanggerang - Banten (Ready to Eat and Ready to Drink Processing)

PT Kelola Niaga Makmur, Gresik - East Java (Retail and Distribution)

PT Mitra Nasional Kualitas, Gresik - East Java (Retail and Distribution)

PT Prima Widodo Makmur, Cianjur - West Java ( Beef & Poultry Processing)


USA, Canada, Europe, Russia,  Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Middle East, South East Asia and Africa


Frozen Fish and Cephalopods : 35.000 tons

Frozen Shrimp : 10.000 tons

Crab Meat : 3.000 tons

Frozen Block Surimi : 30.000 tons

Value Added : 5.000 tons

Surimi Based Product : 25.000 tons

Frozen Vegetable : 25.000 tons

Ready to Eat and Ready to Drink : 2.000 tons

Beef & Poultry : 5.000 tons


Frozen Fish and Cephalopods : 9 Plants

Frozen Shrimp : 2 Plants

Dried Seafood : 27 Plants

Crab Meat : 2 Plants

Frozen Block Surimi : 3 Plants

Value Added : 1 Plant

Surimi Based Product : 3 Plants

Frozen Vegetable : 4 Plant

Ready to Eat and Ready to Drink : 1 Plant

Snack Seafood : 1 Plant

Fishing and Collecting Boat : 1 Plant

Distribution Company : 2 Plants

Beef & Poultry : 1 Plant


International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP)

British Retail Consortium (BRC)

Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP)

Custom Trade Partnership Againts Terrorism (CTPAT)

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

EU Approved


HALAL Certificate

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